Have you got what it takes to become a London taxi driver and gain yourself the respect of being amongst the best taxi drivers in the world? Some have said and maybe hoped that the London Knowledge will become easier because with so much technology around surely one day black cab drivers will be allowed to use satellite navigation in their quest to gain their green badge licence? The answer is no, satellite navigation will never be permitted as an aid to learning the Knowledge, you are going to have to do it the hard way getting yourself a blue book of runs and learning each of the routes and points of interest.

The following youtube clip explains why an experienced London mini cab driver will always beat and be better than any satellite navigation aid, one quick example, a tourist jumps in your cab and asks to go the the nearest McDonalds? РNot something your sat nav can help you with is is. You might not believe it now but watch the clip and listen to how many valid points and genuine real life experiences of why a sat nav would be of no use for this London taxi driver.



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