If remembering the 320 knowledge runs isn’t hard enough in itself to learn in order to become a London cab driver what about the 30,000 points of interest? It can seem a daunting task and it does put some people off but that is what separates those that become London black cab drivers and those that are not up to it. There is no right or wrong way to learn the points of interest, some have found it easier learning the points of interest first before attempting the runs while others have found that they pick the landmarks up better while doing and practicing the runs.

Now for a reality check, once you have passed the knowledge test are you really going to remember all 30,000 points of interest? Of course you are not. My tip would be for you to concentrate on the more obscure points of interest, you probably know already where Big Ben and London Bridge is, I doubt very much that you are going to be asked to tell the examiner where these are located. You are more likely to get asked where the only Nazi memorial in London is situated – Waterloo Place / Outside 9 Carlton House Terrace. If a tourist climbed into your cab asking to see this it is more likely that they will ask you to take them to see Giro the Nazi Dog.

The next question is where does one start learning these points of interest? You could type a search into Google for ‘london points of interest’ and get an online┬ámap with around 100 various points scattered around, it won’t get you very far though. If you are serious about learning the London Knowledge you will need to get yourself a Blue Book of runs containing all the routes and landmark points or download yourself a copy.

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